More About Me

My professional career has been long and rewarding. It has given me the opportunity to work in a number of different companies in locations all over the world. My experience has included being a design architect, a project manager, a Principal, a Director, a Board Member, a co-CEO, and a Harvard professor.  This led me to management and leadership of teams,  offices and firms.  

My current role is with one of the most innovative architectural firms in the world, Perkins and Will, focussing on growth strategies for the firm internationally.  My coaching brings all of this experience to my clients.  

I am from Adelaide. Australia.  I entered into an architectural career that allowed me to explore the world. This journey has not been made alone.  My wife and I had our first daughter in Thailand and second in Boston.  As a family we have lived in 8 cities and 6 countries!  We are now based in Lafayette, California.  

My career roles grew in complexity and responsibility and along the way I had great success and made a lot of mistakes.  I have taken each of my successes and failures as a learning opportunity.  Managing people, whether those people are colleagues or clients (yes clients are people too!) can be a challenge.  

Several years ago I came to the realization that despite many years of architectural and urban design training both in school and in practice many professionals (myself included) are not trained in how to deal with people.  This is not uncommon in professional services.  

This led me into coaching and on elevating the potential of myself and others.  In particular it led me to iPEC, one of the world's most highly regarded coach training and leadership development organizations.


I have realized that the one thing that inspires confidence in clients, respect from colleagues and loyalty from employees is how you use your energy.  It determines if you and your organization will thrive.  Your energy can work for or against you and understanding that is the key to individual and team success.  That is why I coach!  I help people understand how to effectively use their energy for themsleves.  

So what else about me?  I am a keen cyclist and you may see me in my HCC kit in the East Bay struggling up the hills.  I love watching cricket and rugby (indeed any sport!). Meditation is an important part of my daily routine.  I also have a great collection of 1970's vinyl!