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Over 25 years I lived and worked around the world. I've been a CEO and Board Member of several companies.  My career was spent as an architect working for clients all over the world.  I've worked for Sheikhs, Prime Ministers and Presidents.  I spent five years on the Harvard faculty.   Through all of that I've learnt a thing or two about success and failure and what it takes to overcome challenges.  Let me help you define your own success, to set your own course.  

Executive Coaching

Extensive experience allows me to guide you. My client success stories reflect my ability to, time after time, help clients create their own pathways to success and achieve a higher level of life satisfaction.  

 My education and training completes my coaching arsenal – allowing me  to provide you, the client, with the tools and methods you need to  achieve your goals.  

I work with individuals as well as groups.  

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