Richard Marshall

With over 25 years experience as an architect, a business leader, an urban designer, a board member, a CEO, a Harvard academic and an executive coach I've had the pleasure to work with, and help, a variety of leaders to identify and solve problems.  

Having lived and worked around the world, my experience in helping individuals and businesses find success has given me a unique insight and point of view.  My work in executive coaching is about partnering with you to help you set your own pathway to success.  

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Executive Coaching

My work is to allow you to have greater impact and influence for yourself, your team and for your business.  Business owners and emerging leaders benefit from my proven coaching approach which partners with clients to understand what success looks like for them, resolves the things that are holding them back and creates energy around new ways of thinking and behaving.  Together we work to overcome issues such as personal productivity and effectiveness, interpersonal communication and engagement, self confidence and self esteem.  

Even smart, driven and successful people benefit from executive coaching to help them achieve greater levels of success. In addition my coaching provides specific support for people that are new to an organization, an emerging high-potential leader, or one who is struggling with the challenges of a bigger role. My work is about helping them to develop their own styles and approaches in line with their specific business objectives.

If you are interested in learning more about executive coaching and how we might work together reach out to me.  We can discuss your specific needs, your aspirations, the challenges that you might be facing and we can discuss how we would work together.  Naturally there is no obligation to continue after our one call but  I am confident that you will benefit from working with me.